“Each Fly Rod is unique, like an handmade suit custom taylored for You"

Split Cane Fly Rods

"Modern casting action that keeps the classic bamboo feeling"

I offer a fine selection of 100% Handcrafted Split Cane Fly Rods. The Fly Rods come in different shapes: Regular Hex, Flattened Hex and Quadrate. The tapers that I have developed are highly responsive (High Natural Frequency – Middle Fast and Fast Action) and able to satisfy also the more sophisticated casters. They have been described as an answer for those fly fishers who want high performance rods, without losing the real bamboo soul. The building process is performed using only manual tools. Nothing is processed with milling machines which can stress the natural material and cause damage. Each bamboo culm is unique and requires specific choices which a machine is not able to perform. Most of the rods I build are orders on commission. In order to guarantee the best quality of the whole work process, every year, only a small number of fly rods will be produced.

Only selected canes of Arundinaria Amabilis Bamboo are used during the building process. I use only Top Quality components selected along the years of Rodbuilding experience  

100% Handmade Work Process. The rod that come out from the Lab. are handplaned from the rough planing to the completed blank

Customizable – Each Fly Rod is a unique piece. It’s like an handmade suit custom taylored on the base of the customer’s specifications. 

Fly Rods inventory

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Most of the Fly Rods I build are due to orders on commission. Hereafter are listed some Fly Rods for Sale. If you don't see any of your interest and would like discuss a Custom Built Split Cane Fly Rod, please get in touch at
Thank You!

Didn’t find any of interest? Click here, to customize your -One of a Kind- Split Cane Fly Rod

Rodbuilding Components

"Build your own fly rod like a Professional, with top quality components"

After 20 years of Rodbuilding experience, I got the chance to know the features a good components should have, in order to make beautiful and durable Fly Fishing Rods. So I decided to offer, to other Rodbuilders, a fine selection of Components.

Stabilized Woods

 Downlocking Hardware Catskill Style

Selected Birch Bark

Leather and Woods Accessories

"Handcrafted in Italy, using only the best wood essences and pure Italian Leather."

Handmade Leather Rod Tube

Handmade Leather River Bag

An Accent of 'Italian Style' to your fishing Tackles and Gears
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