America 7’2” #4 Flamed

A brief History about this Rod

I started to work on this project in October 2022 and i completed it in January 2023. I wanted to make a classic darkened flame Fly Rod, as a recall of some classic Americans Rodbuilders School. In fact the Taper of this rod belongs to the America Family Tapers. It’s an All-rounded trout rod with a gentle middle fast action that makes of this rod a very pleasant and versatile Fly Rod.

Techincal Specifications 

Two pieces with 2 mirrored tips. Flamed. Darkened Nickel Silver Hardware with a recall of the Classic Era with the Step Down Nickel Silver Ferrules . Standard stripping Guide. It comes with cotton bag and Leather Case. The action of this taper is middle fast. Feed your dry fly addiction

                                                                                                                                                                                            Price: € 1.650,00O