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Every year in Abruzzo, several international Sport events take place. In the Winter, the Roccaraso Winter Sport Station hosts Regional, National and European World Ski Championship. Spring is the time of the Iron Man World Toru or X-Terra Triathlon. Several events centred around Mountain Bike and Euqestrian World. Abruzzo offers fantastic Outdoors Natural Gym from Summer to Winter - all seasons. Skiing, Biking, Horsing, Fishing, Rafting are only some of the activities featured in our offers


We'll be pleased to guide you through the Food&Bevarage Experiences of Abruzzo; from delicious simple family meals to the most complex and best Restaurants. Abruzzo's wonderful Cheeses, Meats, Vegetables, Fruits and Wine await you for Tasting Tour Experience. Bio Farms, Vineyard, Wineries or Cheese Factories are partnered to get you in touch wit the delicaties from the Food&Beverage Artisans and their work


Cities like L'Aquila or Sulmona are real treasure chests of Cultural and History Heritage of the Abruzzo Region. Ovidio (Ovid) was born in Sulmona, Also a famous event linked to Cardinal Mazzarino took place in Sulmona area, where you can visit the Hermit of the Cardinal. L'Aquila -the capital of the Region- shows its architectural and cultural beauties. We also offer Archeological Itineraries among the many Archeological sites spread across the Region


Three National Parks and several Natural Protected Areas offer you the ideal scenario for Outdoors Activities . Abruzzo is called The European Green Region. A wild and beautiful land. Bears, Wolves, Deers and Eagles are only some of the Park residents. Visitng these places you'll find yourself sourranded by harmony and relax, the perfect way for re-charging your batteries in the silent and the beauties of these landscapes. Activities like Photography Tour, Bird Watching, Living in a local Farm, or just long walks to soak in the stunning beauty of the wild flowers, streams, lakes. butterflies or the mushrooms and truffles hiding in the shadows


Thanks to close proximity with Rome, in Abruzzo are often held Religious events. Abruzzo often hosts dignitaries and Ambassadors of the Church who who began their work in Rome and then they came to Abruzzo for visiting places like Eucharistical Miracle in Lanciano, St John's in Venus Abbey in Fossacesia, the Saint Saviors Church in Torino di Sangro, Collemaggio in L'Aquila and many others.

Family Roots

We offer several activities aimed to carry out Toursim Packages in the Roots Tourism sector. There is a vast number of Italians and Italians of Italian origins in the world. We want so many Italians who live abroad or are italian descendants, to be able to go back and discover where their Grandparents lived.