"Performance and Soul"

The Shapes I work with:

Widened Hex

We could call it 4+2 strips. In order to carry out this kind of shape the blank is assembled making 4 strips smaller than the other two ones. The spine of the rod will be on its wider side. This shape makes your cast very accurate, as the cane is always forced to keep its spine position. It's a very performing shape and it makes your cast very much easier.

Regular Hex Shape

The classic regular hexagon shape is the hystorical way to build a Split Cane Rod. Very hamornious shape is also the more manageble choice as it allow the rodmaker to manage a range of actions which cover from the classic Parabolic rod to the more recent fast actions fly rods. The regular Hex shape has been used for the first time at the end of the '800 by a New York Gentleman called Charles Murphy .


First things that come up to my mind about Quad rods are lightness and a very unique feeling during the use of these kind of rods. Quad rods are quite light, as to obtain the same momentum of inertia between a Hex and a Quad rod, the Quad one will have less material on it. At the very beginning, it seems that the split cane rods were made of only two strips and they had a Quad shape. Quite famous is also the Poor Man Rod, which a split cane made of only two strips and it's usually the first attemping to the building of many nowadays builder. This choice is due to the fact that to build a Poor Man Rod you don't need many tools

Internal Structure – Solid or Hollow

Hollow Built

It was around the 50's that the first Hollowed cane rods appeared on the market. Probably., after the 6-strips costruction tecnique, the hollowing tecnique can be considered the second bib revolution on the rodmaking world. Due to the Tonkin Cane structural feauters, hollowing a cane rod allow to decrease the total weight of the rod keeping at the same time the strenght of it. In fact most ot the power fibers are locaded in the upper part of the cane. The material below has no structural strenght, so it can be removed, keeping only the part of the plant where strenght and power are stored.

“Since from the beginning of this wonderful passion, I felt the need to develop my own tapers. I wanted to produce bamboo rods able to join high performances without loosing the natural bamboo soul. The articles listed hereafter, are a kind of Milestones of this neverending path “


the widened hex factoR Since from my beginning i felt the need to develop bamboo rods able to join high performances but at the same

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